Luminaries Application

Start your application today to be recognized as a shining example of a 21st century school system. 

This application is 8 pages.  

  • The first page collects some information about your school system, including an overview of your system’s 21st century learning journey. 

  • The next six pages allow you to provide details about your school system’s progress on the six components of a 21st century system. 

  • The last page gives you the chance to tell the story of your school system’s progress in scaling 21st century learning across the system (including any details we might not have asked) and includes leadership confirmation before submitting your application. 



When sharing your school system’s progress on the key components of 21st century learning, you will be asked to do four things. 


1. Indicate your system’s level of implementation of that specific component of 21st century learning. 

Not yet: The system has yet to undertake this component.   

Planning: The system is undertaking an initial level of study, involving discussion, priority determination, and strategic planning.  

Building: The system is beginning the change management process. Plans are being activated, results monitored, and adjustments made.  

Transforming: The system is implementing strategies to scale, sustain, and impact every student across the system.  

2. Rate on a scale of 1-5 your system with regards to specific criteria of that component. 

  • 1 being that the system has not yet begun addressing this criterium 

  • 5 being that the criterium is an area of strength for the system 

3. Provide written descriptions and examples to support your responses on steps 1 and 2 of that page. 

4. Upload supporting documentation or evidence 


All supporting documentation and materials must be referenced in the narrative on that page. 

  • Attachments should not exceed a total 30 pages across all six components. 

  • Videos will count as 1 page towards your cumulative total. 

  • Each attachment has a maximum size of 20MB. 

  • Limit of 3 attachments per component. 


You can save progress at any time in the application process by clicking <save progress> at the bottom of the page. The first time you save progress, you will be asked to create an account. When returning to the application, you will need to sign back in to access your incomplete application. 




  • In addition to attaching documents, you also can type URLs into your responses. Please note that these URLs will count toward your character limitation. 

  • Although we are not expecting every school system applying to be in the transforming stage for every component, we request that all applicants provide responses to all components in the application. 

  • A Microsoft Word version  of the application is available to download for review, but cannot be submitted as your application. The online application is required. 

  • After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your responses as a savable Word Document. 

  • If you have questions, please refer to the  FAQ  or contact