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People are the most important part of your system.

How are you reimagining human capital in the 21st century?



What big moves can help you align, find, grow, and keep the people who will bring your vision to life every day for every student? 

Each school system is unique. Not sure about your first move? We can help.

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Reimagine your human capital system to support 21st century, deeper learning.

Every adult in the system is integral in creating an educational experience that prepares students to succeed in our rapidly changing and complex world.
HC21Essentials helps districts reimagine and begin developing human capital systems based on their local needs. In this professional learning experience, teams learn with and from other districts across the country and create their own human capital action plan.

In HC21Essentials, leaders explore the four core areas of a comprehensive human capital management system: Keep, Align, Find, Grow.

Who should participate?

Ideally, your team should be comprised of your superintendent and five other district leaders who are involved with human capital decisions within the district. This could include roles such as HR directors, other HR personnel, support staff leaders, and/or principals.

What are the practical takeaways from HC21Essentials?

  • Identify the competencies that will help deliver on a vision for 21st century, deeper learning and be introduced to Portrait of an Educator.
  • Refine practices for recruiting and hiring top talent.
  • Create dynamic onboarding experiences that engage new employees in the district’s instructional vision.
  • Examine ways to help staff reach their full potential through ongoing feedback, customized support, and growth opportunities.
  • Develop strategies to foster employee engagement and wellbeing.
  • Explore resources to promote an inclusive & equitable environment that supports a diverse workforce.
  • Leave with a clear and actionable plan to improve your people systems.  


Flexible scheduling options are available to fit your professional learning needs and calendar. 


3 Big Human Capital Moves

These three services are part of our HumanCapital21 suite of offerings, built on decades of research- and field-based experience. School system leaders need a 21st century approach to human capital management systems to create meaningful deeper learning experiences for all students.

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Locally developed, the Portrait of an Educator facilitated process identifies the competencies necessary for today’s 21st century education workforce. This exploration reveals the support the system needs to provide for educators as they shift practice and implement deeper learning experiences aligned to the Portrait of a Graduate. The Portrait of an Educator supports building the capacity of current staff and hiring new staff with the skills necessary to achieve the district’s Portrait of a Graduate vision.


The HumanCapital21 Assessment is a tool that helps education leaders reflect on their human capital management systems in four core areas: Align, Find, Grow, and Keep. Designed to be taken by education leaders, the assessment report includes a detailed summary to identify strengths and challenges and inform collaborative conversations to lead to the creation of a comprehensive 21st century human capital management system.


This professional learning experience helps you reimagine and begin developing your human capital systems based on your local needs. Align, Find, Grow, and Keep an empowered workforce to advance your vision for 21st century learning and implement deeper learning for every student.  Designed for education leaders, participants use systems thinking and will be equipped to facilitate their own Portrait of an Educator to create a human capital action plan.

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