Rural Education National Forum

On October 12–14, 2017 Battelle for Kids and the National Rural Education Association will host the 2017 Rural Education National Forum and 109th NREA Convention and Research Symposium at the Ohio Union, located on The Ohio State University's campus.

Last year more than 500 attendees from 39 states attended the event. Attendees got to hear from leading experts and practitioners around topics at the forefront of rural education, and were paid a visit from John B. King, Jr., the U.S. Secretary of Education, along with other dynamic keynote presenters.

Excellent conference. This was the best one yet!
I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other researchers and practitioners with a connection to rural education.
An event as large as this does not happen without the work and effort of many people. You are all to be commended. The ability to recruit the highest level of keynote speakers and have a wide selection of breakouts is appreciated.




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