We’re headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, but you can find us across the country—attending events, presenting, and working side-by-side with fellow educators.

   TASB Summer Leadership Institute

    June 20–21 
    Fort Worth, TX

Using a “Portrait of a Graduate” to Transform Your District

The most transformative districts in the country have engaged their larger community in developing a “Portrait of a Graduate,” a collective vision that articulates the community’s aspirations for all students. In many communities the school board has been a driving force behind this conversation. In this session, we will explore the role school boards played in the “Portrait of a Graduate” process.

A Systems Approach to Implementing Portrait of a Graduate

Visionary leaders in the SOAR Network are anchoring their system transformation through the engagement of their broader communities in developing a “Portrait of a Graduate.” Whether or not a community’s “Portrait of a Graduate” becomes a reality for every student depends on the coherent alignment of the education system and how educators within that system see their role in achieving the vision. In this session, participants will engage, share insights, and explore component parts of a “Portrait of a 21st Century Educator and System.”
Presenters include:

Karen Garza, PhD, President & CEO
Jamie Meade, Chief of Staff
Berhl Robertson, Jr., Ed.D., Chief Operating Officer

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      RSA Summer 

       July 7–9 
       Cooperstown, NY

"The Hard Work of Staying: Rural Schools as the Heart of the Community"

Keynote by Jamie Meade, Chief of Staff

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