How can we develop the capacities of young people to think critically and collaborate effectively?


Engaging, Interactive Workshop!

This is a deeper dive into critical thinking and collaboration!
In this full-day workshop, you'll engage in a series of  activities to deepen your understanding of the key elements in the EdLeader21 Critical Thinking and Collaboration Rubrics.

You'll collaborate to learn effective practices for fostering critical thinking and collaboration skills in engaging disciplinary units.

All participants will receive Critical Thinking and Collaboration Toolkits that contain rubric-aligned resources to strengthen 4Cs learning and assessment.


Pre-Conference Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key elements in the critical thinking and collaboration rubrics
  • Learn the characteristics of units that foster critical thinking and collaboration competencies
  • Use instructional resources to scaffold the critical thinking and collaboration process
  • Learn how to assess critical thinking and collaboration
  • Create a plan to strategically develop the capacities of students to become critical thinkers and collaborators

Pre-Conference Facilitators


Shannon King, PhD

Shannon King has more than 25 years of experience in education roles including classroom teacher, gifted education resource teacher, instructional coach, and as an administrator supporting professional development and instructional best practices.

In her previous role in Fairfax County Public Schools, Shannon designed and implemented systems of support for innovative practices that included the development of resources and professional learning opportunities aligned to 21st century skills.

Shannon is excited to be leading Battelle for Kids’ work on 21st century learning design and helping school leaders intentionally align their systems to take their vision to scale.


Sara Hallerman

As EdLeader21's Senior Director of Professional Learning, Sara directs and manages large-scale, collaborative member engagements.

Sara also develops professional learning content, webinars, and publications, such as EdLeader21's nationally-vetted set of rubrics for the 4Cs. She facilitated collaboration between school leaders and national experts to design a 4Cs Performance Assessment System that meets the demands of rigorous academic content standards.

In her former role as a Senior National Faculty Member of the Buck Institute for Education, Sara provided professional learning for educators around project-based learning. She is the author, along with John Larmer and John R. Mergendoller, of PBL in the Elementary Grades (BIE, 2011).

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