21st Century

THANK YOU to the superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders who attended Leading Together 2019! 

This conference in June brought together education leaders who believe we can do better for kids, and who are committed to advancing 21st century learning experiences for every student. 

We were inspired by so many stories of 21st century learning experiences—and motivated by the ideas shared by districts who are visionary in redefining success and the student learning experience.


We learned effective practices at the pre-conference for fostering critical thinking and collaboration. 


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We learned, shared, and grew around experiences that advance 21st century learning for every student. 


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We built lasting collaborative relationships with districts who have a shared vision! 


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We were wowed by the students in the Granville High School Symphonic Band!  



Commit to advancing 21st century learning for every student

Upcoming events in 2019 to help you collaborate, explore, and inspire! 


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EdLeader21 Annual Event For Network Members Only
October 2–4 | Houston, Texas

The largest gathering of BFK’s national network with 220+ members, bringing together like-minded education leaders from across the country to network, share ideas, learn from each other, and plan for the future.

learn more

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National Forum to Advance Rural Education
October 24–26 | Louisville, Kentucky

Join a diverse community of national experts, education leaders, and policymakers, to learn, collaborate, and lead educational transformation in rural schools. Elevate and empower the voice of rural districts to make 21st century learning a reality for rural students.

learn more

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