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21st Century

This annual conference brings together superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders who believe we can do better for kids.

Students deserve leaders who are committed to advancing 21st century learning experiences for every student.

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Featured National Thought Leaders

Join us June 11–12 to hear from these courageous, innovative leaders in education.

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About Dr. Daggett

Dr. Bill Daggett is recognized worldwide for his proven ability to move preK–12 education systems toward more rigorous and relevant skills and knowledge for all students. For 25 years, he has crisscrossed our nation, as well as the industrialized world, to lead school reform efforts to effectively prepare students for their future.

While an avid supporter of public education, Dr. Daggett also challenges all of us to be more focused on our children’s future than on maintaining the schools of our youth. His insights and leadership have caused nearly every major education association in the country, hundreds of school districts, numerous political and business leaders, publishers, and others to seek out his advice and guidance.

Before founding and now serving as Chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education, Dr. Daggett was a teacher, local administrator, and a director with the New York State Education Department. He is the creator of the Rigor/Relevance Framework®, which has recently become the cornerstone of much of the nation’s school reform efforts. He is also the author of numerous books about learning and education, textbooks, research reports, and journal articles. Dr. Daggett has been recognized as a distinguished alumnus by both Temple University and the State University of New York at Albany.

Dr. Daggett has a special commitment to individuals with disabilities. He and his wife, Bonnie, volunteer their time and lend their support to Wildwood Programs in upstate New York. Wildwood serves the needs of people of all ages who, like their daughter Audrey, have neurological impairments/learning disabilities or autism, by enabling them to become the best that they can be.

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About Mandy Manning

Mandy Manning teaches English to newly arrived refugee and immigrant students in the Newcomer Center at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. In her classroom, Mandy uses experiential projects like map-making to help her students process trauma, celebrate their home countries and culture, and learn about their new community. As 2018 National Teacher of the Year, Mandy will encourage educators to teach their students to overcome their fears and seek out new experiences.

Mandy strives to create connections between her students and the community inside and outside of the school. Her students work in the student store and she encourages other students to visit and volunteer in the Newcomer Center. She also invites district leaders, campus resource officers, community members of color, and professional writers to visit her classroom. The visits help her students learn cultural expectations and how to express themselves effectively. In return, her students teach these leaders where they come from, who they are, and the beauty they add to the school district.

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About Dr. Quaglia

Dr. Quaglia is a pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student voice and aspirations. His innovative work is evidenced by an extensive library of research-based publications and books. He has authored the School Voice suite of surveys, and best-selling books including, Student Voice: The Instrument of Change and Engagement by Design

His most recent award-winning publication is a children’s book, Cay and Adlee: Find Their Voice, and is written with his daughter Cali. Dr. Quaglia also founded the Aspirations Academies Trust, a sponsor of primary and secondary academies in England built upon his research. His commitment to student voice has led him to serve on several international committees and boards. Dr. Quaglia has become a frequent visitor to the Middle East, Europe, and Australia reflecting his passion for ensuring that students', teachers’, principals’, and parents’ voices are always heard, honored, and acted upon.  

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Conference Information

Engage with courageous, innovative education leaders who are making sure that we are preparing every student to be a lifelong learner and contributor in this rapidly-changing, complex, wonderful world!

Deeper Learning: Fostering Critical Thinking and Collaboration

JUNE 11-12, 2019: CONFERENCE
21st Century Learning for Every Student

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Pre-Conference Workshop Only: $250
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Early Bird Rate until May 3; Cost: $350 (with Pre-Conference: $500)
Standard Rate: May 4-June 1; Cost: $450 (with Pre-Conference: $600)
Late Registration: June 2-June 10; Cost: $550 (with Pre-Conference: $700)

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