Sharing your work with other EdLeader21 Network members is an important part of our professional learning community, especially at the Annual Event. Whether it’s strategies for creating learning frameworks, best practices for assessing 21st century competencies, or ideas for deeper community engagement, there are many lessons to be learned from one another’s successes and challenges. 

At this year’s virtual event, there are two ways to share your work – at the virtual Portrait to Practice Fair and at member sessions.

Many members have told us they want to share their work at the Annual Event but do not have time to complete the proposal while preparing for the new realities of school this fall. We hear you and have changed the process! Instead of submitting a proposal, complete a simple interest form and let us know you’re interested in participating in the virtual Portrait to Practice Fair and being considered for a member session. 

We will contact you in late August and help you prepare your virtual Portrait to Practice Fair submission and member session, if selected. 

The virtual Portrait to Practice Fair submission will include: 

    • A short introductory video describing how your school system has made 21st century learning a reality for students
    • Artifacts with descriptions representing three components:
      • Portrait of a Graduate
      • Implementation   
      • Student Learning

    We will work with each presenter to determine the format of the member session. It could be a pre-recorded video, a “live” panel presentation, or webinar. Together, we will ensure the session content is presented in the most engaging and informative way. 

    We are committed to supporting your participation in this virtual event and making the process as easy as possible. We will provide technical information, best practices, and one-on-one support, as needed. 


    Key Dates 

      • August 21: Deadline to submit an interest form

      • Late August: Battelle for Kids begins helping member create submissions

      • October 13-14: Portrait to Practice Fair and member sessions

      Portrait to Practice Fair 

      At this year’s Annual Event, the Portrait to Practice Fair will be an interactive, virtual exhibit hall where EdLeader21 Network members can showcase artifacts of what it looks like when the Portrait of a Graduate comes alive for students. 


      We invite you to be a part of the Portrait to Practice Fair by sharing an example of how your school system has made 21st century learning a reality for students. Here are the required components of your Portrait to Practice Fair submission.
      Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 8.34.23 AM
      1. Portrait of a Graduate 
      What is your collective vision for 21st century learning for every student in your school system? Share a visual representation of your Portrait of a Graduate.

      2. Implementation 
      How are you making your Portrait of a Graduate a reality for students in your school system? Share artifacts (up to 3) that show evidence of a practice, project, policy, or process that support your Portrait of a Graduate. Examples include, but are not limited to: 
      • Professional learning plan 
      • Instructional or learning framework 
      • Sample unit or performance task
      • Balanced assessment plan
      • Capstone or cornerstone project
      3. Student Learning 
      How have students been impacted by the implementation of your Portrait of a Graduate? Share artifacts of the student learning (up to 3) that has resulted from the implementation artifact you share. Examples include but are not limited to: 
      • Student work products 
      • Photos or videos of learning experiences 
      • Artifacts from student presentations of learning 
      • Student self-assessment/reflection 


      If you have any questions, please contact us at

      The Annual Event is open to EdLeader21 Network members. Not a member? Contact Jill at to learn more and join.