Building a Shared Vision for Student Learning and System Transformation (Part 1)








Episode Description

Establishing a system-wide vision for your school district is a game-changer for communities and students.  

Dr. Michael Barnes, superintendent of Mayfield City Schools, knows this well. In this episode, he joins Dr. Karen Garza, president and CEO at Battelle for Kids, to discuss why having a vision for students is so important and how his community collectively worked together to form this vision. He also shares how the school district is putting this vision, their Portrait of a Mayfield Wildcat, into action with personalized learning experiences and opportunities for student agency.   

Dr. Mike Barnes has been the superintendent for Mayfield City Schools near Cleveland, Ohio, since 2021. He began his career in education as a social studies teacher and has served in other administrative roles, including athletic director, director of human resources, and assistant superintendent.



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