The Promise of Rural Education Collaboratives


For most rural school districts in this country, collaboration is not a choice, it is a necessity.  

RECWhitepaperCoverIn 2015, Battelle for Kids partnered with Education Northwest to study 17 of the most promising rural education collaboratives across the country to learn how they are advancing equity, economic growth, and educational change for rural students and communities. Our research and lessons learned are detailed in the white paper, Generating Opportunity and Prosperity: The Promise of Rural Education Collaboratives

In addition, we developed in-depth case studies of the following collaboratives:  
Each collaborative offers a unique characteristic that, together, provides real insight into what it takes to advance rural educational opportunity—being well grounded, designed, positioned, and timed. 

There is great promise in rural collaboratives to help elevate the voice of rural districts; uplift and empower isolated educators, administrators, and students; and use limited resources to tackle big issues and move rural education forward. 

Download Generating Opportunity and Prosperity and join us as we continue to lead, serve, innovate, and connect collaborative action that advances rural educational opportunity and economic prosperity.

Published: January 2016

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