Make better hiring decisions. Every time.

Every district faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent. And, each hiring decision is a significant financial investment that ultimately impacts the quality of the student learning experience.

We provide counsel to help school systems develop a recruitment and selection strategy designed to find talent that best fits their culture and organizational needs. School systems are also using BFK•Select® to guide decision making through every step of the hiring process. With this online solution:

Districts and/or schools can:

1  Define hiring criteria based on indicators of future success that fit their culture

2  Collect, manage, and weigh information from a candidate

3  Receive a profile that shows how closely candidates match the vision of an ideal employee  

Candidates can:

1  View available opportunities and create a profile

2  Apply for a specific position, multiple positions, or submit a general application

3  Communicate with the hiring organization and monitor status and progress

  • Collects critical information for each applicant
  • Takes unintended bias out of the hiring process
  • Creates a consistent, sustainable process across all hiring decisions  
  • Helps place highly qualified talent in every position
A million thanks! You all are the greatest. I appreciate everything, and know that you recognize how critical BFK is in helping our district as we shift to the Human Capital way of doing things.
Dr. Tiffany Green, Chief Human Capital Officer, Jackson-Madison County School System