Become the best teacher and leader in you.

It’s time to discover your strengths, stretch your practice, and become your best.

The Best Teacher and Leader in You course series equips teachers and leaders with online learning and resources to identify and leverage their strengths.

1  Take the self-assessment
2  Develop a professional growth plan
3  Understand how your strengths can support students in their learning journey
4  Understand your strengths and your colleagues' to become a stronger team


Learn to use the BFK•Connect® Framework to:

  • Reveal the strengths that make you unique
  • Take control of your professional growth
  • Strengthen your relationship with your team
  • Implement initiatives with persistence and fidelity


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High Expectations

Do you strive to set challenging goals that maximize each student’s achievement?

High Expectations might be your strength.




Continuous Improvement

Do you embrace change and adapt to your students’
needs and interests?

Continuous Improvement might be your strength.





Stable Environment

Do you excel at providing students with a sense of security by establishing consistent structures and routines?

Stable Environment might be your strength.






Do you build strong relationships based on trust and respect to create a supportive community of learners?

Relationships might be your strength.




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Grounded in Research

Battelle for Kids has conducted hundreds of hours of focus groups and in-depth interviews with teachers from across the country over the past decade. We discovered that highly effective teachers—those who make extraordinary academic gains with students—consistently refer to four themes when describing their practice: relationships, continuous improvement, stable environment, and high expectations.

We used what we learned from these highly effective teachers to adapt an effectiveness model that has been used worldwide for decades—the Competing Values Framework. Created by Dr. Robert Quinn, a highly respected researcher from the University of Michigan, this framework explains four dimensions of effectiveness and how those dimensions come to life in organizations. Working with Dr. Quinn, we created the BFK•Connect Framework to capture how these dimensions present themselves in the school environment.


Accelerate learning and change lives.

What does teaching look like at its best? How are great teachers able to ignite a love of learning and change students’ lives? What are the keys to accelerating learning for teachers and students? 

Co-authored by Robert F. Quinn, Gretchen M. Speitzer, and Battelle for Kids' Katherine Heynoski and Mike Thomas, The Best Teacher in You book provides revealing answers to these important questions.

1  Discover a framework about teaching and learning derived from the experiences of highly effective teachers
2  Disrupt your beliefs about yourself, teaching, and learning to entice you into more thoughtful experiments about effective practice
3  Better understand how to bring out the best teacher in you

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When I do a post-conference, it becomes so much less about what you're doing right or wrong; it's about where you can stretch and where you can grow, and it just makes [evaluation] less threatening.
Susan, Principal