Get educator compensation right.

Educators do great work every single day. Strategic compensation programs provide the opportunity for districts to recognize and reward teachers, support staff, and leaders for their efforts. Just as important, though, is a district’s commitment to getting award pay right.

BFK•Award® helps districts navigate the payout process to guarantee those who have worked hard to earn an award are accurately compensated. This secure web-based platform empowers award program managers, building-level administrators, and staff to review, inquire, and affirm information used to calculate payouts through an efficient, transparent process.

1  Have staff verify eligibility, participation, and performance measures, and estimated award amounts for accuracy
2  Track and manage inquiries to resolve potential errors
3  Generate award notices to help staff understand how and why they qualified for their award

  • Involves educators in the compensation or award payout process
  • Transparently reinforces key metrics that the organization values 
  • Improves communication between award program managers and staff
  • Ensures payouts are accurate
  • Resolves errors—with minimal diversion from classroom instruction
  • Builds trust in the compensation system

Take a look at some statistics around educators' use of BFK•Award®: