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Battelle for Kids is fortunate to work with educators across the country who are doing some pretty amazing things to create high-quality 21st century learning experiences for their students. For more than 15 years, we’ve been innovating and helping educators nationally and internationally to adopt high-impact strategies and solutions for sustainable impact in their school districts.


Our work has impacted more than 6 million students and more than 400,000 educators.

We are proud to have collaborated with state departments of education, urban, suburban, and rural school districts, and other education-focused organizations in more than 30 states

Success Stories

Here you'll find some stories of success happening in school systems across the country. Explore more stories in our Learning Hub.

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Ohio Teacher Incentive Fund


In 2010, a unique partnership of 23 mostly rural school districts, the Ohio Department of Education and Battelle for Kids joined together to pursue a shared vision of education improvement for children in some of Ohio’s most economically disadvantaged regions.  Learn more about OhioTIF. 






FIP Your School® Ohio: Communications and Engagement Campaign

In 2011, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) partnered with Battelle for Kids (BFK) to launch a five-year, statewide blended learning experience designed to help educators advance the use of formative instructional practices through online learning modules, facilitation materials, and a regional support system.


Helping teachers deepen their skills using formative instructional practices is particularly important as they work to implement Ohio’s Learning Standards and adjust to new measures of effectiveness. Learn more.


Building Tulsa Schools’ Brand to Attract Effective Teachers


As the second largest district in Oklahoma, Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) employs more than 7,000 staff across 88 campuses who are committed to providing a quality learning experience for more than 41,000 students every day—without exception. 

With a growing number of students and classrooms, a shortage of teachers in Tulsa and across Oklahoma, teachers leaving TPS for suburban districts that offer smaller classes and higher salaries, a lean Human Capital team, and a limited budget and resources, continually finding qualified candidates has become challenging. Despite these challenges, TPS has made significant progress by executing a thoughtfully designed branding and recruitment strategy. Learn more



Discovering the POWER of Partnerships to Increase Opportunities for Students

Carroll County, Ohio is in a unique position for its future—the county is at the heart of the Utica shale boom in eastern Ohio. With support from an Ohio Straight A Fund grant, Carrollton Exempted Village School District (CEVSD) established the POWER (Providing Opportunities With Extraordinary Results) initiative in 2013 to capitalize on this unprecedented growth in the oil and gas industry by strengthening the connection between education and workforce opportunities in the region. Through POWER, the district is creating partnerships with Carroll County energy and agricultural industries and others to provide more college preparatory and job training opportunities for students.

CEVSD partnered with Battelle for Kids to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and communications plan to support the launch of the POWER initiative. We worked with the district to develop: 

  • A brand identity, templates, and framework visuals
  • A website featuring messaging, fact sheets, timelines, and opportunities for learning
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies and resources

Read how engaging the community and industry partners is paving the way to new pathways to student success in Carrollton.

Creating a Collaborative Culture to Act on Data and Improve Student Ownership of Learning in Franklin Local Schools

During the 2013‒2014 school year, Franklin Local Schools’ percentage of teacher value-added reports that met or exceeded the growth standard for OAA tested areas reached 95%. Watch the video below to learn about the district’s journey to create a positive data culture across all schools by:

1  committing to using a variety of data to make instructional decisions

2  making data easily accessible

3  encouraging educators to regularly talk about and act on their data

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