Building Tulsa Schools’ Brand to Attract Effective Teachers

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As the second largest district in Oklahoma, Tulsa Public Schools (TPS)BFK_Tulsa_Case_Studies_logo employs more than 7,000 staff across 88 campuses who are committed to providing a quality learning experience for more than 41,000 students every day—without exception. 

With a growing number of students and classrooms, a shortage of teachers in Tulsa and across Oklahoma, teachers leaving TPS for suburban districts that offer smaller classes and higher salaries, a lean Human Capital team, and a limited budget and resources, continually finding qualified candidates has become challenging. Despite these challenges, TPS has made significant progress by executing a thoughtfully designed branding and recruitment strategy. 


During the 2012−2014 school years, the district engaged Battelle for Kids (BFK) to collaborate with TPS stakeholders to develop a teacher recruitment campaign. The campaign focused on strategies to connect with the hearts and minds of educators and show them why they join the TPS team, including: 

  • A brochure highlighting district accomplishments, TPS staff, and the city as a great place to work, live,
    and stay.
  • A suite of materials to inform and attract pre-service teachers considering employment opportunities. 
  • A pocket card to share with teacher candidates that encourages them to apply for a position at TPS, and a card to share with parents, community leaders, and foundation representatives/funders to build support for the district.    
  • A redesigned “Careers” section of the district’s website with improved functionality that feeds directly into the online application process.  
  • A TPS-led social media plan to spread the word that the district is seeking qualified, dynamic candidates. 
  • Advertising opportunities in local, regional, and national education and business publications.
  • An enhanced display for recruitment events with banners, signage, stands for handouts, promotional pieces, and other resources to heighten the TPS brand, tell the district’s story, and attract candidates.




To date, these efforts helped TPS to:



TPS won the Oklahoma School Public Relations Association “Award of Excellence” for Internal/External Communications for the district's 2014-15 teacher recruitment campaign
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