Our Commitment to Rural Education

Rural America includes more than 50 million adults and 12 million children. From our national security, to the sustainability of natural resources, and the expansion of innovative manufacturing and agricultural practices, a thriving rural America is important to everyone.

We know education is critical to move rural America forward, and that is why we're committed to collaborative action that advances learning access, equity, and success for all rural students.


Rural Collaborative Network

In early 2017, 14 rural collaboratives came together to form a national network. Together, our collaboratives serve as the nation's largest rural education R&D network focused on innovative approaches to opportunity gaps, economic self-sufficiency, educator talent development, and learning that engages, empowers, and elevates. Learn more

National Forum to Advance Rural Education

This year, Battelle for Kids and the National Rural Education Association will partner together to host the 2017 National Forum to Advance Rural Education. By joining together, we are able to expand each organization’s annual event by bringing more education organizations and leaders together to advance conversations and greater impact around rural education. Learn more and join us for the event!



We get excited about the opportunity to roll up our sleeves to design, help connect the dots, and support the implementation of large-scale initiatives that improve teaching and learning. We’ve learned that adopting a collaborative approach within and across groups of districts (such as with Ohio TIF and the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative) is a powerful way to ensure lasting impact. This approach has also been instrumental in our efforts to support additional rural districts across Ohio who are working together to adopt innovative strategies and offer students new pathways to college and career readiness.

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Colorado Rural Education Collaborative

The Colorado Rural Education Collaborative was created by teachers, for teachers. In partnership with Battelle for Kids, 45 Colorado districts, higher education partners, boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES), and other education organizations came together to design a collaborative that meets the needs of their rural communities. Together, these partners are working to expand student opportunities, enhance educational value, and enrich economic prosperity for rural Colorado students and their families. Visit the site.