Ohio's Education Systems

Battelle for Kids has a long history of partnering with school districts, the Ohio Department of Education, Educational Service Centers, and education organizations that share our commitment to moving education forward for the children of Ohio and preparing our state for success into the future.

We get excited about the opportunity to roll up our sleeves to design, help connect the dots, and support implementation of a number of large-scale initiatives that improve teaching and learning. We’ve learned that adopting a collaborative approach within and across groups of districts (such as with Ohio TIF or the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative) is a powerful way to ensure lasting impact. This approach has also been instrumental in our efforts to support additional rural districts across Ohio who are working together to adopt innovative strategies and offer students new pathways to college and career readiness.

Early on, we helped introduce the uses of value-added analysis in combination with multiple measures to accelerate student growth. Project SOAR launched in 2002 as a pilot that provided value-added analysis and professional development around its uses for improvement to 42 Ohio districts. Today, the SOAR Learning & Leading Collaborative includes nearly 100 forward-thinking urban, rural, and suburban Ohio districts and continues to be a learning lab from which many new strategies and solutions are born. 

Along with building educators' capacity to use student growth, non-cognitive, and other measures they can trust, we partnered with ODE to grow educators’ ability to implement formative instructional practices (FIP)—as powerful teaching and learning strategies that help teachers reach all students. Today, more than 350 school districts are participating in FIP Your School® Ohio, 650 school districts, and 36 higher education institutions are using FIP to close achievement gaps and accelerate student growth.


Great things are happening in Ohio. Visit the Ohio Student Progress Portal to learn more about the innovative ways Ohio schools are moving education forward.