Success Measures

How can you avoid being data rich and information poor? And, do you have the right measures in place to support employees and students to be their best?

As school systems collect and review increasing amounts of data, it is essential that instructional leaders and teachers understand the conditions and processes that enable data to effectively inform teaching and learning.

We can help you create sustainable data coaching programs that transform cognitive and non-cognitive measures into clear, meaningful, and actionable information by:  
  • Developing a strong culture to facilitate productive data-informed discussions
  • Establishing structure through regular, scheduled opportunities for collaboration and planning
  • Providing access to appropriate data across buildings, grade levels, and subjects
  • Using multiple sources of high-quality data

In addition to guiding you through this planning process, we offer services in areas, such as:

Assessment Auditing

The increased availability of multiple measures over the past decade has presented educators with more information (and more tests) than ever before. But more isn’t always better. We help you make sure your assessment systems are providing the information you need most.

Student Growth and Achievement Measures

We believe the question is not whether or not to, rather how can we best measure student academic growth? Thoughtfully designed growth measures in tested and non-tested subjects, used in combination with achievement data and other measures, provide a clearer picture of student learning than educators have ever had before.

We help school systems navigate the appropriate uses of achievement and student growth measures, such as value-added analysis, including consulting around:
  • Model design
  • Vendor assessment selection
  • Data management and collection 
  • Implementation strategies and tools to support use at the state, district, school, grade, and subject levels

Performance Management

Everyone in a school system—from food services and transportation to teachers—contributes to student learning.

We help school systems adopt a data-driven, performance-based approach to improvement that helps reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure sustainable results. This approach involves helping both instructional and non-instructional staff develop measurable goals and effective processes to achieve those goals.

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Build measures you can trust.

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Efficiently manage student growth measure data.

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Get a more complete picture of what your students need to succeed.

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