Maximizing Talent

What are the best strategies you can use to recruit, onboard, and grow your staff to create a culture of learning for all?

Maximizing talent starts with hiring the best teachers—but it doesn’t stop there. It’s about putting those talented educators in positions where they can shine. School leaders play a critical role as a talent manager in creating a positive culture that gives educators and students the opportunity to be their best.

Battelle for Kids collaborated with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) to develop a certification program for human capital leaders in education. The program can help build the capacity of school leaders to: 
  • Select educator talent using a multiple data-point process
  • Onboard new teachers and staff to build awareness of school culture, values, goals, and norms
  • Grow employee engagement 
  • Keep the focus on high-growth strategies and engage staff in developing key metrics and performance indicators that align with these strategies to achieve organizational goals
Learn more about how the human capital leaders in education (HCLE) certification program can support the essential role of school leaders in recruiting and retaining teachers. 

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Solutions and Products

Human Capital Leaders in Education Certification

Build your capacity to strategically manage a comprehensive human capital system that empowers and supports employees to meet organizational goals.

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Make great hiring decisions. Every time.

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