How We Help

3CVisualBattelle for Kids is driven to ensure all students have access to an educational experience that prepares them to become lifelong learners and contributors in an ever-changing world. 

We work to strengthen the coherence, capacity, and connections school systems need to redefine learner success and accelerate the design and implementation of 21st century education systems. A systems approach ensures equitable access to rigorous 21st century learning experiences for every student, regardless of where they live, what school they attend, or which classroom they are assigned. 

Our approach involves the entire school community—educators in partnership with students, parents, businesses, and other community leaders—to ensure enduring impact in schools.



Battelle for Kids works with school system leaders to envision and co-create aligned systems for 21st century learning that are equitable and enduring. To capture the hearts and minds of the community and build real momentum around this work, a critical first step is to develop a stated vision or goal for 21st century learning in your system, including:

  • What knowledge, skills, and dispositions do graduates need to become lifelong learners and contributors?
  • What do educators need to foster meaningful 21st century learning experiences for all students and make their vision of 21st century learning a reality for every child?


Battelle for Kids provides strategic counsel and implementation support for the design of 21st century learning models, including:

  • Leading learning networks to elevate and leverage the collective experience of school system leaders and the study of research-based best practices to transform education.
  • Working to ensure all parts of a school system are aligned to its vision for 21st century learning.


Battelle for Kids believes that if we can reinvigorate and reconnect our communities back to our schools, it will ultimately create better conditions and better outcomes for students and educators. We work to increase confidence in and engagement with our nation’s schools by:

  • Helping school system leaders engage the broader school community in capturing collective aspirations for their students and schools.
  • Pursuing state and national partnerships with a shared commitment to accelerate the implementation of 21st century learning for all students.

Battelle for Kids' team of experienced educators alongside communications, technology, and business professionals innovates and partners with school systems to create an educational experience that empowers students as lifelong learners and contributors in a 21st century world. We offer strategic counsel and implementation support in the following areas of a 21st century education system, each of which provides a pathway to making deeper learning a reality for every student. 

Portrait of a Graduate

Are your students well prepared to contribute and compete in this global, innovative economy?

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Strategic Planning

Are you looking to implement a plan that ensures the district’s Portrait of a Graduate becomes a reality for every student in the system?

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21st Century Learning Design

How are you designing 21st century educational experiences that lead to deeper learning for all students?

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Human Capital Management Systems

Are you prepared to recruit, grow, and retain top talent?

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Communication and Engagement

You know communicating with internal and external stakeholders is important—but where do you begin, and what messages matter most?

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Data Quality and Coaching

How are you measuring the impact of the system in preparing graduates as lifelong learners and contributors in the 21st century?

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