A Message from Our President and CEO

Dear Educators, Partners, and Friends of Battelle for Kids,

BFK-EL21-01I’m excited to announce that Battelle for Kids and EdLeader21 have joined forces to make 21st century learning a reality for all students. EdLeader21, with nearly 200 member school systems across the country, is now a national network of Battelle for Kids. 

Through this merger, we are working with EdLeader21 and its professional learning community of superintendents to support the expansion and increase the overall impact of the network across the country. Member districts also have the benefit of strategic counsel and deeper implementation support in various areas from Battelle for Kids to advance their efforts to become 21st century education systems.

In October 2017, a team from Battelle for Kids attended EdLeader21’s Annual Event in Atlanta to engage with network members and learn more about the great work happening in their school systems.

Battelle for Kids and EdLeader21 are driven by a shared goal that:

By 2021, 21 percent of the school systems in the U.S. will have engaged their communities to develop and implement a Portrait of a Graduate.

This establishes a common vision of what all students need to become lifelong learners and contributors in the 21st century. We hope to reach a tipping point in this country that creates positive momentum toward transforming educational opportunities for all students.

In the coming months, we will share more about our work with EdLeader21, and how we plan to support school systems to make 21st century learning a reality for all students.

Karen K. Garza, Ph.D.
President and CEO