Big thinkers. Innovators. Educators. Connectors. Committed to collaborating with school systems and communities to realize the power and promise of 21st century learning for every student. These are our leaders—passionate people, experts in their respective fields. 

Executive Cabinet

Karen Garza, PhD
President and CEO
Tony Bagshaw
Chief Improvement Officer
Valerie Greenhill, MEd
Vice President
Todd Hellman, MBA
Strategic Engagement
Shannon King, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer
Jamie Meade
Vice President/Chief of Staff
Brad Mitchell, PhD
Signature Initiatives & Alliances
Alyson Nielson, MBA
Vice President
Berhl Robertson, Jr., EdD
Vice President/CFO

Leadership Team

Jacqueline Burke
Stephanie Dannemann, Esq.
Emily Douglas-McNab, MBA
Stephen Fujii
Sara Hallermann
Colon Lewis, EdD
Michael Nicholson, PhD
Bob Noe